Welcome to the POSTECH Solid State Spectroscopy group (SSSG)!

Our group specializes in studying the solid state structure via spectroscopical means. Under the Supervision of Prof. Bumjoon Kim, researchers and students perform active studies on strongly-correlated materials.

Our current interest lies in discovering the nature of ordering phenomena in transition metal oxides, one of the most important strongly correlated electronic systems. Amongst the oxides with transition phenomena our main concern are iridates, of which their characteristics and physical properties can be learned from the following article :

Phase-Sensitive Observation of a Spin-Orbital Mott State in Sr2IrO4

Figure 1. Magnetic ordering pattern of Sr2Ir1O4.

The main tools used in the research here are: X-ray spectroscopy (RIXS, REXS), Raman spectroscopy, Neturon spectroscopy, ARPES and STS. You can find more information about the individual tools and how they are used here : Spectroscopy.